Albany Medical College Admission Stats and Requirements & Deadlines

1.08% Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Albany Medical College is 1.08% for the 2024 admission. Here, the acceptance rate is the percentage of matriculated applicants. 13,258 people applied and 143 enrolled to the school.
The interview invitation rate of Albany Medical College is 5.76%. Interview rate is the percentage of applicants who are invited to an admissions interview. (read more about acceptance and interview rates.)
Compared to all medical schools' rate, Albany Medical College's acceptance rate is much lower than the average rate of 3.35%. The interview invitation rate is much lower than the average rate of 11.08%.
Compared to medical schools in New York, Albany Medical College's acceptance rate is much lower than the average rate of 1.93%.
Albany Medical College Admission Statistics
Acceptance RateInterview Invitation RateApplicantsMatriculated
Albany Medical College1.08%5.76%13,258143
All Medical Schools3.35%11.08%965,47722,980
New York Medical Schools1.93%11.15%103,3442,014
Albany Medical College Acceptance Rate Chart

Applicants and Matriculants by Gender and Residency

At Albany Medical College, the men to women applicants ratio is 43 to 56 for the academic year 2023-2024. The in-state to out-of-state applicants ratio is 16 to 85.
For the matriculants, the men to wemen to ratio is 45 to 55 and the in-state to out-of-state ratio is 29 to 71 for 2024 admission.
Applicants and Matriculants by Gender and Residency Status
YearTotalBy GenderBy Residency
MenWomenNew York ResidentsOut-of-State Residents
Acceptance Rate1.08%1.12%1.04%185.16%84.38%

MCAT Scores and GPA

The 2023 average MCAT Score at Albany Medical College is 510 and the average GPA is 3.7 over 143 enrolled students. Compared to medical schools in U.S., Albany Medical College' MCAT Score is similar to the average score of 512.
Albany Medical College5103.7
All Medical Schools5123.77
New York Medical Schools5163.79
Albany Medical CollegeMCAT Score and GPA Chart

MAT score and GPA Trends

The following table shows the changes of GPA and MCAT scores at Albany Medical College.
MCAT ScoreGPA OverallBCPM (Science) GPA

Application Timeline & Requirements

The primary application deadline for fall 2025 admission is November 1, 2024. To apply to Albany Medical College, applicants are required to complete an application on AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service.
Although there are set application deadlines, most medical schools prefer early applicants regardless of their rolling admissions policies. Therefore, applying early rather than waiting for the deadline can be a good way to get accepted.
After applying to AMCAS, applicants must submit secondary application to Albany Medical College's application system by December 1, 2024. The secondary application fee for full-time M.D. program is $130 at Albany Medical College.
Albany Medical College 2025 Admission Timeline and Requirements
Regular (AMCAS)2024-11-01
Regular Secondary2024-12-01
Secondary Application Fee$130
Need to meet its Technical Standard