University of Minnesota Medical School

Minneapolis, MN PublicLCME Accreditation: Full
Founded in 1888, University of Minnesota Medical School, also known as UMN Medical School, is a public medical school located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Last year, 241 students newly enrolled to the school and the total number of medical school students is 1,049.
Out-of-state applicants can also apply to UMN Medical School, but it is important to note that 82.6% of last year's enrolled students were Minnesota residents. State-funded medical schools, like UMN Medical School, give priority to residential applicants. Out-of-state students who have excellent grades and experience, or who have contributed greatly to Minnesota state, have a chance of being accepted.
Additionally, it may require out-of-state applicants to have a higher GPA and MCAT score than in-state applicants.
The 2024 tuition & fees at UMN Medical School is $44,969 for Minnesota residents and $66,325 for out-of-state students. The annual costs (COA) including tuition & fees, room & board, books, and other living expenses is $69,045 for Minnesota residents and $90,401 for out-of-state students.
The average MCAT score of 2023 matriculants is 512 and the average GPA is 3.76 at UMN Medical School. Of the total 5,987 applicants, 241 enrolled, resulting in an acceptance rate of 4.03% at UMN Medical School.
UMN Medical School obtained LCME accreditation On or prior to 1942 and its current accreditation status is Full. The next survey year for maintaining LCME accreditation is 2027-28.

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