Duke University School of Medicine Student Population

Total Student Population

At Duke University School of Medicine, a total of 586 students are enrolled including 118 first-time students. By gender, there are 206 male and 380 female students enrolled. Duke School of Medicine has similar number of students as other medical schools.
Duke University School of Medicine Student Population by Gender
Total EnrollmentMenWomeen
Duke University School of Medicine586206380
All Medical Schools623283340
North Carolina Medical Schools607242365
Duke University School of Medicine Student Population and Comparison in Average Chart

First-year Students by Gender

Total 8,431 applicants applied to Duke University School of Medicine. By gender, 46.4% of applicants were male and 53.2% were female. As for residency, 7.8% of applicants were North Carolina residents and 92.2% applied from other states.
Of the matriculated students, 46.4% are male students and 70.3% female students. By legal residence, 13.6% of first-year students are North Carolina residents and 86.4% students are from out of state.
First-year Students by Gender and Residency
YearTotalBy GenderBy Residency
MaleFemaleNC ResidentsOut-of-State
2021-2022Applicants 9,070 4,2184,843 6898,381
Matriculants123 4479 2598
Acceptance Rate1.36% 1.04% 1.63% 3.62% 1.17%
2022-2023Applicants 8,613 3,9024,694 6297,984
Matriculants120 3486 14106
Acceptance Rate1.39% 0.87% 1.83% 2.23% 1.33%
2023-2024Applicants 8,431 3,9124,485 6587,773
Matriculants118 3583 16102
Acceptance Rate1.40% 0.90% 1.85% 2.44% 1.31%