Howard University College of Medicine Student Population

Total Student Population

At Howard University College of Medicine, a total of 514 students are enrolled including 127 first-time students. By gender, there are 233 male and 281 female students enrolled. Howard College of Medicine is slightly smaller than other medical schools.
Howard University College of Medicine Student Population by Gender
Total EnrollmentMenWomeen
Howard University College of Medicine514233281
All Medical Schools623283340
District of Columbia Medical Schools716323391
Howard University College of Medicine Student Population and Comparison in Average Chart

First-year Students by Gender

Total 8,465 applicants applied to Howard University College of Medicine. By gender, 37.5% of applicants were male and 62.2% were female. As for residency, 0.5% of applicants were District of Columbia residents and 99.5% applied from other states.
Of the matriculated students, 37.5% are male students and 53.5% female students. By legal residence, 2.4% of first-year students are District of Columbia residents and 97.6% students are from out of state.
First-year Students by Gender and Residency
YearTotalBy GenderBy Residency
MaleFemaleDC ResidentsOut-of-State
2021-2022Applicants 11,211 4,0147,186 5611,155
Matriculants122 5666 5117
Acceptance Rate1.09% 1.40% 0.92% 8.92% 1.05%
2022-2023Applicants 8,962 3,2715,682 368,926
Matriculants123 5964 1122
Acceptance Rate1.37% 1.80% 1.13% 2.74% 1.37%
2023-2024Applicants 8,465 3,1745,265 428,423
Matriculants127 5968 3124
Acceptance Rate1.50% 1.86% 1.29% 7.20% 1.47%