Dentistry (DDS, DMD) Programs 2022 Tuition Comparison

In United States, 66 schools have Dentistry (DDS, DMD) programs in graduate level education. According to wiki, the program is defined:
Dentistry, also known as dental medicine and oral medicine, is the branch of medicine focused on the teeth, gums, and mouth. It consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention, management, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the mouth, most commonly focused on dentition (the development and arrangement of teeth) as well as the oral mucosa. Dentistry may also encompass other aspects of the craniofacial complex including the temporomandibular joint. The practitioner is called a dentist.
The average tuition of the Dentistry program is $45,418 for state residents and $76,524 for out-of-state students. We note that, among 66 Dentistry schools, 53 schools have MD programs.
The following table lists all Dentistry schools along with the program tuition, MD tuition, and general Undergraduate/graduate program tuition at each school. The amount in parenthesis denotes in-state rate.
Dentistry (DDS, DMD) Schools 2022 Tuition & Fees Comparison Table
SchoolStateDentistry TuitionMD TuitionUndergraduate TuitionGraduate Tuition
University of Alabama School of MedicinePublicBirmingham, ALAL$69,419 ($29,781)$66,095 ($33,379)$21,216 ($8,832)$19,962 ($21,216)
Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern CaliforniaPrivateLos Angeles, CACA$113,419$68,487$64,726$64,666
Loma Linda University School of MedicinePrivateLoma Linda, CACA$102,816$66,226$37,332$31,780
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLAPublicLos Angeles, CACA$53,583 ($42,448)$52,830 ($40,585)$43,473 ($13,401)$28,424 ($43,473)
UCSF School of MedicinePublicSan Francisco, CACA$59,159 ($46,914)$57,376 ($45,131)N/A$28,392 (-)
University of Connecticut School of MedicinePublicFarmington, CTCT$87,162 ($57,812)$94,340 ($53,897)$42,102 ($19,434)$43,174 ($42,102)
Howard University College of MedicinePrivateWashington, DCDC$43,366$55,002$31,050$36,022
Nova Southeastern University Dr Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic MedicinePrivateDavie, FLFL$73,958$69,142$36,300$23,911
University of Florida College of MedicinePublicGainesville, FLFL$68,198 ($41,718)$48,913 ($36,657)$28,659 ($6,381)$30,130 ($28,659)
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta UniversityPublicAugusta, GAGA$64,777 ($26,343)$60,595 ($31,671)$23,500 ($8,122)$20,002 ($23,500)
University of Illinois College of MedicinePublicChicago, ILIL$76,710 ($48,220)$84,812 ($51,632)$30,841 ($15,472)$28,422 ($30,841)
Indiana University School of MedicinePublicIndianapolis, ININ$93,803 ($42,104)$63,167 ($37,602)$32,582 ($10,144)$27,044 ($32,582)
University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of MedicinePublicIowa City, IAIA$74,596 ($49,458)$58,587 ($37,812)$32,316 ($10,353)$31,511 ($32,316)
University of Kentucky College of MedicinePublicLexington, KYKY$77,450 ($35,937)$74,592 ($40,866)$32,276 ($12,859)$34,259 ($32,276)
University of Louisville School of MedicinePublicLouisville, KYKY$38,000 ($18,317)$66,404 ($44,216)$28,866 ($12,520)$28,541 ($28,866)
Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New OrleansPublicNew Orleans, LALA$63,869 ($35,141)$61,114 ($32,937)$18,851 ($10,376)$25,362 ($18,851)
University of Maryland School of MedicinePublicBaltimore, MDMD$84,047 ($46,082)$72,882 ($42,500)$42,654 ($12,692)$35,649 ($42,654)
Boston University School of MedicinePrivateBoston, MAMA$84,999$72,079$62,360$61,924
Harvard Medical SchoolPrivateBoston, MAMA$68,396$69,511$57,261$53,760
Tufts University School of MedicinePrivateBoston, MAMA$96,761$67,166$65,222$55,280
University of Michigan Medical SchoolPublic6100 THSL, 1135 Catherine Street, MIMI$70,234 ($51,649)$62,538 ($44,373)$57,273 ($17,786)$52,456 ($57,273)
University of Minnesota Medical SchoolPublicMinneapolis, MNMN$104,742 ($60,300)$64,347 ($44,181)$35,099 ($15,859)$30,425 ($35,099)
University of Mississippi School of MedicinePublicJackson, MSMS$78,155 ($34,840)$79,454 ($34,105)$26,440 ($9,220)$26,430 ($26,440)
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of MedicinePublicKansas City, MOMO$74,625 ($38,303)$67,192 ($34,694)$29,638 ($11,989)$29,231 ($29,638)
Creighton University School of MedicinePrivateOmaha, NENE$85,446$65,454$45,638$19,402
University of Nebraska College of MedicinePublicOmaha, NENE$99,856 ($55,983)$48,000 ($35,360)$33,890 ($14,720)$26,961 ($33,890)
University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of MedicinePublicLAS VEGAS, NVNV$97,062 ($57,327)$64,524 ($34,654)$25,489 ($8,947)$23,302 ($25,489)
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical SchoolPublicNew Brunswick, NJNJ$103,895 ($69,602)$69,768 ($45,878)$33,963 ($16,263)$34,182 ($33,963)
Columbia University Roy and Diana Vagelos College of Physicians and SurgeonsPrivateNew York, NYNY$96,000$69,363$65,508$54,627
New York University School of MedicinePrivateNew York, NYNY$91,484$64,040$58,168$39,592
Stony Brook University School of MedicinePublicStony Brook, NYNY$77,618 ($50,938)$69,264 ($47,774)$28,480 ($10,560)$25,733 ($28,480)
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at BuffaloPublicBuffalo, NYNY$66,638 ($39,958)$68,212 ($46,722)$28,702 ($10,782)$26,178 ($28,702)
The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina UniversityPublicGreenville, NCNC$33,046 ($33,046)$23,297 ($23,297)$23,602 ($7,325)$20,771 ($23,602)
University of North Carolina School of MedicinePublicChapel Hill, NCNC$35,087 ($16,674)$62,705 ($34,745)$37,550 ($8,989)$30,819 ($37,550)
Case Western Reserve University School of MedicinePrivateCleveland, OHOH$79,316$69,953$61,584$50,878
The Ohio State University College of MedicinePublicColumbus, OHOH$90,775 ($45,773)$56,002 ($31,082)$36,742 ($12,485)$39,598 ($36,742)
University of Oklahoma College of MedicinePublicOklahoma City, OKOK$74,259 ($33,233)$68,426 ($33,480)$24,731 ($7,966)$22,154 ($24,731)
Oregon Health & Science University School of MedicinePublicPortland, OROR$93,510 ($64,626)$81,463 ($56,674)$35,469 ($22,941)$28,863 ($35,469)
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of PennsylvaniaPrivatePhiladelphia, PAPA$84,396$69,263$63,452$44,162
Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple UniversityPublicPhiladelphia, PAPA$72,022 ($64,184)$58,761 ($55,483)$35,603 ($21,097)$27,596 ($35,603)
University of Pittsburgh School of MedicinePublicPittsburgh, PAPA$63,034 ($52,756)$62,600 ($60,298)$37,320 ($21,080)$43,504 ($37,320)
University of Puerto Rico School of MedicinePublicSan Juan, PRPR$65,555 ($31,555)$60,671 ($25,671)$8,945 ($8,945)$14,260 ($8,945)
Medical University of South Carolina College of MedicinePublicCharleston, SCSC$80,562 ($54,862)$47,117 ($27,551)$29,509 ($16,947)$25,673 ($29,509)
Meharry Medical College School of MedicinePrivateNashville, TNTN$72,076$63,688N/A$32,930
University of Tennessee College of MedicinePublicMemphis, TNTN$75,313 ($36,553)$57,113 ($39,829)$22,040 ($11,153)$24,455 ($22,040)
Texas A&M Health Science Center College of MedicinePublicBryan, TXTX$48,071 ($37,271)$34,860 ($21,760)$40,139 ($12,605)$23,395 ($40,139)
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of MedicinePublicEl Paso, TXTX$59,124 ($39,124)$36,435 ($21,484)$25,456 ($11,992)$12,127 ($25,456)
UTHealth John P. and Katherine G. McGovern Medical SchoolPublicHouston, TXTX$56,291 ($37,967)$33,812 ($27,208)$37,872 ($12,693)$38,158 ($37,872)
UT Health San Antonio Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of MedicinePublicSan Antonio, TXTX$41,020 ($30,220)$39,755 ($22,043)$22,277 ($8,693)$13,448 ($22,277)
University of Utah School of MedicinePublicSalt Lake City,, UTUT$89,743 ($51,888)$81,424 ($43,569)$29,837 ($9,315)$27,056 ($29,837)
VCU School of Medicine, Medical College of Virginia Health Sciences DivisionPublicRichmond, VAVA$94,679 ($61,010)$60,981 ($37,465)$37,588 ($15,642)$29,782 ($37,588)
University of Washington School of MedicinePublicSeattle, WAWA$73,911 ($48,339)$94,457 ($53,573)$40,740 ($12,242)$31,530 ($40,740)
West Virginia University School of MedicinePublicMorgantown, WVWV$57,707 ($26,009)$64,935 ($32,940)$26,568 ($9,360)$27,450 ($26,568)
Western University of Health SciencesPrivatePomona, CACA$84,820N/A$23,097$23,137
University of the PacificPrivateStockton, CACA$120,091N/A$53,682$51,872
University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical CampusPublicDenver, COCO$66,870 ($41,567)N/A$26,890 ($9,634)$24,820 ($26,890)
Midwestern University-Downers GrovePrivateDowners Grove, ILIL$100,536N/A$48,133$48,857
Southern Illinois University-EdwardsvillePublicEdwardsville, ILIL$35,989 ($35,989)N/A$11,748 ($11,748)$9,699 ($11,748)
University of New EnglandPrivateBiddeford, MEME$80,400N/A$40,950$30,198
University of Detroit MercyPrivateDetroit, MIMI$89,014N/A$31,058$21,626
A T Still University of Health SciencesPrivateKirksville, MOMO$83,368N/A$37,062$38,212
Touro UniversityPrivateNew York, NYNY$65,890N/A$19,190$13,678
Marquette UniversityPrivateMilwaukee, WIWI$66,109N/A$46,670$22,410
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic MedicinePrivateErie, PAPA$56,935N/A$14,640$14,511
Midwestern University-GlendalePrivateGlendale, AZAZ$98,428N/A$50,281$51,005
Roseman University of Health SciencesPrivateHenderson, NVNV$95,015N/A$41,667$26,650